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Hi and Welcome to the Higher Purpose Mastery Program. My desire for you is to experience a positive awakening to your soul’s true purpose of being. 

Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts." 

— Marianne Williamson: spiritual activist, author, lecturer 

It is important to trust yourself as to whether it is time for you to make this commitment. If it does feel like the “right time,” don’t let anything get in your way, especially fears. Remember, fears can show up in an infinite number of forms, especially those “logical” sounding excuses and justifications for not attending. 

These classes are all about deservingness, and of course you deserve to attend. Often when a commitment is made to experience inner work, there is a part of us that may come to the surface and attempt to sabotage our attempts. Recognize what is going on and choose to not give in to powerful self-sabotage is a statement of what you truly deserve. 

Choosing to take this positive step and experiencing the tremendous changes from committing to do this for yourself can open doors for miraculous life shifts. Know that you are profoundly supported in this venture. Deserve to be here for yourself. In this twenty-week program you are going to experience and inner spiritual adventure. 

You and your life will never be the same!

This journey is about the balancing of our spiritual nature and humanness, in other words, being a spirit living a human existence, not resisting or ignoring either aspect. 

  • To find out who you aren’t so as to awaken to who you really are --- a spiritual being with a unique and important purpose in being alive. 
  • To reflect upon, resolve, and release old issues, repetitive patterns, incomplete emotions, and inner programmed belief systems that are preventing you from full self acceptance (and thus full acceptance of others). 
  • To understand the power of fear and how it shows up in your life. 
  • To give inner tools to get in touch with and resolve core fears so that you are empowered, no longer feeling like a victim. 
  • To allow you to know that the only way to have your life be different is to change from within. (Note: Attempting to change external things to make you happy is a futile waste of time and energy!) 
  • To transform your life, giving you an entirely different perspective so that you can experience yourself, others and life in a new way. 
  • To function from a trusting, intuitive and deserving place so that choices are made from Higher Truth. To become your own teacher. 
  • To give you inner awareness tools so that day-to-day life can be more conscious, joyous and filled with confidence, freedom and love.

The two most important words that describe the Higher Purpose Mastery Program are: love & power. 

Higher Purpose Mastery Program is an inner transformational method that assists in unearthing subconscious negative programming to discover how we have created false beliefs and how these beliefs are creating our experience of life. 

Because the program deals with core issues, please know that whatever your particular personal reasons are for wanting to do these classes can be looked at in the framework of this structure. 

Things that May Occur When Going on This Journey:

Because inner shifting is often filled with fear and resistance, the following occurrences are very natural, and actually a positive sign when doing this work. To assist in completing these situations, please allow yourself to feel whatever arises rather than running back into numbness and denial. Please contact us at if you have any concerns about anything that is happening. 

Old fears or issues that you thought were resolved may resurface. Old emotions that have been suppressed or denied may come up to be felt. 

Areas in your life that were left with unfinished business may manifest in some way. Things that used to bring satisfaction may not work anymore. You may experience some ups and downs, emotionally, physically and/or energetically. You may feel spacey and/or forgetful. 

You may feel more intensely alive and more acutely aware of everything. 

You may desire to make drastic changes in your life. It is highly recommended that you wait several weeks before doing so. 

Your dreams may take on a different quality. It is recommended that you begin to journal about them. 

You may want to run from the classes. This is very normal and just a sign that the classes are bringing up fears or an unconscious desire to sabotage growth and change. Often a quick discussion with Dorcy can assist past this. 

Please remember: The program is not about how much intellectual knowledge or information you gain here. The classes are only as valuable as you allow them to be fully experienced by participating in the entire process. Observe yourself here, noticing how you interact. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling, especially fears. Deserve to make a commitment to allow this to work in your life and trust your journey! 

Welcome to the Higher Purpose Mastery Program! It’s an honor to be part of your life- altering spiritual experience, and I’m thrilled to see your willingness to trust and grow. 

Please read the following information so as to understand what these classes entail and what to anticipate these next twenty weeks. Although each person’s experience is decidedly unique, it is important to be aware of what could occur in your life from the shifting that often results from attending these classes. 

I am absolutely committed to you as my student, so please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance - My purpose is not to create dependency, but rather to assist you in regaining your internal trust and truth. 

Utilize all that is available from the Higher Life Purpose Mastery Program since you absolutely deserve the value that is here. May your life never be the same! 

With Love, 

Higher Purpose Mastery Program Core Teachings

Higher Purpose Mastery Program is a series of classes that assists students in unearthing their subconscious programming to discover how they have created their Beliefs and how these Beliefs are creating their experience of life. Armed with powerful inner processing tools, Higher Purpose Mastery students will transform from a limited awareness, to knowing themselves as creators of their life. Students will shift their consciousness to see that fear is what prevents being in a loving place consistently, and fear is the teacher that will guide them there. By committing to apply these teachings, Higher Purpose Mastery students will be able to integrate these tools in their Real Life. 

Most of us wish we were more in touch with ourselves, felt better about who we are, or perhaps sense that something is missing from our life. Sometimes our dreams elude us, hungering for something to change, yet not being able to manifest transformation. Maybe other disciplines have been attempted; maybe this is the first attempt to re-shape life. 

It is the intention of Higher Purpose Mastery to assist you in remarkable, life changing ways. Whether you know it or not, you are on a quest to be the powerful, joyful, loving, peaceful, deserving person that you truly are inside, free from fears and untrue notions that have been running, and perhaps ruining, your life. 

Higher Purpose Mastery is about love – your true essence. Your core. Your being. What you deserve from all of life. 

Higher Purpose Mastery is also about fear –  possibly the most misunderstood of all creatures. You have undoubtedly been taught many things about fear, and undoubtedly it was all hogwash. Why? Because those who taught it to you were in fear of their own fear! 

This program will allow fear to become your best friend, your personal enlightened teacher and your instant source of inner information. You will learn ways to access the deepest levels of your unconscious fears and see what they have been trying to teach you. Most importantly, you will allow fear to escort you to Love rather than being an imprisoning enemy. 

Ultimately, this mastery program is about being present, a highly connected state where you fully experience what you are doing while you are doing it. While there is no instant fix, Higher Purpose Mastery is a tool that can be utilized the rest of your life to keep you growing, evolving and becoming more of who you really are. As you learn to recognize and communicate with all parts of your consciousness, you will be able to move beyond fear, resolve your past and create a triumphant future. By discovering the inner fear-based mechanism that yanks you into the past or heaves you into fantasizing about the future, you will be able to bring your consciousness into the present moment, the only true place of joy and peace. 

Being present is what we all deserve. Higher Purpose Mastery allows you to clear up why you believe you don’t deserve to be a fully present participant in your life. And why you may not believe you deserve to live from your loving essence. 

Equipped with powerful awareness and inner processing tools, Higher Purpose Mastery students transform from a limited awareness to know themselves as creators of their life. By applying these teachings, you will be able to integrate these tools in your Real Life. 

As you participate in this program, set aside what you may have learned from other disciplines, the past inner work you may have experienced, any preconceived notions about what to expect, or any frustrated attempts at changing yourself or your life. In other words, open your mind and enjoy the ride! 

The Higher Purpose Mastery program is designed to help you start or deepen your inner spiritual journey, discovering and unfolding who you really are -- a powerful, loving, joyful, deserving being. Trust whether you feel ready to commit to this epic journey. You are the only one who knows your inner timetable and deserve to not let fear determine your choice! 

How is Higher Purpose Life Mastery Different?

There are many disciplines that label fears and “false beliefs” as illusions but don’t offer ways to deal with them. They suggest using affirmations, positive thinking, and the power of intention, but since the source of the fears is still in operation, they still cause detrimental effects. 

By experiencing the messages that fear brings, they can be used as a means to reveal unconscious negative Beliefs, becoming guides that take us to Love rather than enemies keeping us imprisoned. 

The Higher Purpose Mastery Program provides tools to reveal and identify core unconscious negative beliefs and fears, find out what they reveal, and release the programming that created them. Fear then becomes the illusion it was meant to be, and it can completely vanish. 

"Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts." — Marianne Williamson: Spiritual activist, author, lecturer 

Fear is the teacher... Love is the goal.

“Let those who seek continue seeking until they find. When they find they will become troubled? When they become troubled, they will be astonished. Recognize what is in your sight and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you.” – From the Lost Gospel of Thomas