Have you tried numerous older programs, but found that the parents in their classes were asking questions that were not covered in the materials?
 Have you been looking for ways to expand your practice and create additional revenue?
Have you tried to take parenting certification courses only to find out they do not cover the material needed in helping families deal with high conflict divorce or difficulties with Parental Alienation?
 Have you received a certification for a class but found receiving the course materials or support after the certification difficult?




Finally, A co-parenting certification program that has all the pieces you need and all the parents' questions covered by the high quality materials that provide a real understanding, not just pat answers in the form of "tips" for narrow situations.


Our Conscious Co-Parenting Certified Instructor training program gives you the training as well as the practical skills you need to run your own classes and to work one-on-one in coaching parents of all ages. 

  •    No material from the 1970s.
  •    No outdated psychological concepts.
  •    No manipulative methods that absolutely do not work with today's kids.
  •    Just practical methods that are proven to work in today's families.
  •    Spot on proven techniques that help families dealing with the already stressful situation of divorce.


Tools and techniques to help your clients move their divorced family from divided to united. A toolbox of strategies that uncover the pitfalls and chaos of their divorce and help divorcing parents put their children first in a healthy, responsible, productive and conscious way.

We developed this nationally recognized program with Dorcy Russell Certified Co-Parenting Coach/ Coordinator and Parenting Instructor based on 11 years of real-life experience with helping hundreds of families.

After spending hundreds of hours on making the materials as clear, fun, and effective as possible, the Conscious Co-Parenting program is now the most up-to-date and comprehensive Co-Parenting program available today.


Now You Can Teach These Highly Effective Classes Today...


If you're an experienced family professional, you have seen how the many parents who used old authoritarian parenting methods created a cycle of violence. The children learned that "or else!" was the only way to run a family, and when they grew up, they passed this on to their own children. These methods are also very common in immigrant families.

Many younger parents recognized the problems this could cause, but unfortunately they switched to permissive parenting methods that made others very frustrated with their children's lack of self-discipline. Even the children became frustrated because they were not receiving necessary guidance. This is a huge problem today and we are all worse off because of it.

Some parents try to walk the middle line, meaning they swing from permissive parenting, which breeds frustration because the child is not self disciplined, to screaming and barking commands out of shear desperation and being at their wits end. This is the biggest problem of all since children don’t really know what to expect and are unsure how to behave.

Often times when Parental Alienation is present, one parent is a permissive parent while the other is authoritarian. These very different parenting styles give the children an inappropriate sense of power, which leads them into adulthood irresponsible, confused, and without many of the skills needed to function as a healthy adult.

At Conscious Co-Parenting Institute, we offer new methods for co-parenting that are based on up-to-date psychological research. Our methods show parents how to raise self-disciplined, communicative children who are good problem solvers, with enough self-esteem and trust in what they are taught to resist inappropriate influences. These negative influences can be from their friends in school and elsewhere, even social media such as, Twitter and Facebook, which can be a scary phenomenon for many parents. Our children have a new way of escaping the chaos of a disruptive family life and it is opened up to them through the worldwide web.

These methods are presented clearly in the Conscious Co-Parenting Program, with numerous real-life examples that show parents how to handle virtually any family situation. This is based on first giving parents a real understanding of how children think and function. All examples used are from actual Conscious Co-Parenting families, and not through the use of fictionalized scenarios. There is no "wishful thinking," because that doesn't help anybody.

Through the Conscious Co-Parenting Instructor Certification training, you can provide parents with a real understanding of the underlying causes of their children's behavior when dealing with Parental Alienation and other life situations.

You can teach them how to improve their communication skills, and give them effective interventions for all the most stressful challenges families face today. Most children dealing with Parental Alienation are unaware of the fact that they are being brain washed. In the Conscious Co-Parenting curriculum we teach the target parent how to communicate in highly effective ways, helping them regain a healthy, loving bond with their children.

Learning these very effective communication skills will help with all of the participant’s relationships. It’s never too early to start and there are many adults that still emotionally function like teenagers who can benefit from developing these skills at any stage of their lives. It is never too late to develop an awareness and begin to implement new ways to handle personal relationships.

Conscious Co-Parenting Institute does not teach manipulative techniques. You may ask why not? Stressed parents may even ask for them at times. As many parents have already found, sneaky techniques don't work well with today's children. Especially today's teens and tweens (10-12 years olds) who are very quick at recognizing anything sneaky, and the other age groups aren't far behind. This class is designed to help parents recognize when manipulative techniques are being used. This course helps parents flush out Parental Alienation in their life and helps them design a relationship with their children that is happy, healthy, loving and mutually respectful. This class will help divorced parents regain control of their co-parenting relationship and the relationship with their children which may have been derailed through a difficult custody situation or divorce.

We have heard from many parents in other parenting programs, who said that they went home to try the techniques they learned, only to hear their children yell, "Now you're doing that parenting thing again!" That was not only embarrassing, it was a complete waste of everybody's time, and it was caused by the use of obsolete practices from the 1970s.

The Conscious Co-Parenting program is a modern, comprehensive program that shows you how to teach parents everything they need to be truly successful co-parents, even when they are dealing with a difficult ex.


Teach the POWER of Conscious Co-Parenting!

The Conscious Co-Parenting Institute believes that what has been missing for a long time in parenting instructor training courses is a comprehensive understanding of how children think and function. We need to learn how to develop their natural potential, how to keep them out of trouble to the greatest extent possible, what happens when they have been brainwashed into thinking that their other parent is a bad parent, and a method for how to teach this to regular parents at all educational levels, simultaneously, in the same co-parenting class. We feel that most courses just focus on parenting while we take it a step further and teach not only conscious co-parenting techniques, but also additional techniques and skills on how to win custody and how to build a healthy, strong bond with children that have been alienated from a parent by the other parent. We also provide an in depth understanding of how to prepare for court when dealing with Parental Alienation.

We will NOT rent, trade, or release your name to any third party for any reason - ever. We respect YOUR email privacy and hate spam with a passion.


The 14 Lesson program include 43 modules which includes the  entire Conscious Co-Parenting Institute standard curriculum. This is an entire business in one program.



Module 1. Common Approaches to Raising Children
  • Understanding the mechanics of traditional authoritarian and permissive parenting approaches 

  • Learn a more evolved approach, based on recent psychological research.

  • Learn Techniques that lead to superior child development and less stress for the parents.

Module 2. Discipline VS Punishment
  • Avoid getting outsmarted by the kids.
  • Learn how to handle disciplinary situations. Use receptive listening.
  • Building trust with teenagers. Avoid the "accusatory you,"
  • Help children communicate better.
  • Teaching parents how to effectively defuse a hostile or aggressive situation with their kids or ex and the alienator.
  Module 3. Understanding the Source of Behavior for Children of Divorce
  • Understanding what creates different behaviors.

  • Learn how to identify underlying thoughts, feelings, needs, and emotions.

Module 4. Teaching RESPONSIBILITY
  • Truly Understand RESPONSIBILITY

  • Teach Parents/children with seven steps towards solving any family problem.

  • Teach effective study habits, helping children to understand how to effectively participate with in two households.

  Module 5. Being Accountable

  • Teaching the principles of personal accountability.

  • Eliminate the fear of admitting mistakes
  • Understand the psychological payoffs of the law of reciprocity.


Module 6. Understanding the Problem Pyramid

  • Learn how to identify the problem.

  • Teach the Think-Feel-Do Cycle.

  • Breakdown the the problem.
  • Learn to identify who really has the problem.
  • Teach the four step process of problem solving.



  Module7. Understanding Limiting Beliefs
  • Helping children and parents remove mental blocks when facing each other in difficult situations, seeing the very different views.

  • Teaching how to source and clear fears, limiting beliefs, and roadblocks the hold families stuck in a problem.
Module 8. Building Healthy Self Esteem
  • Teach parents how to have a greater understanding of self esteem and how their actions, words and behavior can impact their children's self esteem.
  • How to eliminate self fulfilling prophecies.
  • Techniques to help parents instill healthy self esteem in their children
Module9. Effective Communication
  • Teach how to communicate with children so they will listen.
  • Teach the techniques of using "I"statements.
  • Learn the difference between commands, questions and statements.
  • Teach receptive listening techniques
Module 10. Practicing Effective Communication
  •  Learn the techniques need to communicate with anyone in your life.

  • Teach students through active role playing the skills they need to ensure effective communication
Module 11. Positively Influencing Children
  • Teach parents the difference between the misguided parenting methods and the conscious methods that create a healthy environment to raise children.
  • Help parents understand what is the best style to apply to specific situations.
Module 12. Shifting Limiting Beliefs
  • Help your students understand the source of their feelings thoughts and actions
  • Teach parents how to REALLY let go of the past once and for all so that they can live in the present.
  • guide parent through a 7 step process that they easily can teach their children.
Module 13. How Children Think and Learn
  • Understanding the role of play as an important part of children's learning.
  • Developing skills to assist a child's multi-faceted mind based on his or her individual strengths.
  • Teach the four Leadership styles and learn how to apply them to specific situations.
Module 14. Higher Self Processing, Learning to Love
  • Learning self care.
  • Teaching how to overcome the despair and guilt of being alienated from their children.
  • Learn how to get back to who we really are, Loving conscious powerful beings.
Module 15. Reducing Stress in the Family
  • Accepting children as the unique individuals they are.
  • Understanding the often hidden needs of every human.
  • How to detect stress indicators and how to overcome them.
  • Proven Techniques to manage or avoid stress
Module 16. Resolving Family Conflicts
  • Understanding how to identify conflicts.
  • Learn four effective conflict resolution strategies.
  • Teach how to build closeness amidst chaos and disconnection.
  • Understanding the Nature of Conflict
Module 17. Family Stabilization
  • Conscious Co-Parenting relationship development.
  • Learn how to combine conflict resolution with Problem-solving.

Module 18. Making the Shift

  • Knowing how to raise children to become inner-directed.
  • Preventing the victim syndrome
  • Teaching children to take age-appropriate responsibility
  • Changing polarized thinking, using positive thinking
  • Setting personal boundaries.
  • Understanding the cycle of change in a child's life
  • Setting family goals that help everyone evolve
  • Teaching children how to live a conscious life with less conflict and more enjoyment.
  • Understanding the way we make life-altering choices with direct consequences


Module 19. Preparing for the Custody Case
  • A comprehensive plan that assists parents with the tools they need to navigate the complicated family court system
  • Chronology templates and other templates needed for documents to prepare for a custody case. 
  • Teaching the very vital information that you MUST know before you step foot in court
Module 20. Hiring the Right Legal Team
  • Teach the best kept secrets in the family legal system that will help parents spend less and achieve better results.
  • Questions and answers that every parent should know when a legal professional to represent them.
Module 21. Legal Considerations and Strategies
  • Learn what it takes to have your wants and needs presented in court

  • Teach the legal considerations that most parents are not aware of before they head to the court room.
Module 22. Custody Dispute Options
  • Assist parents in understanding the options they have when facing a custody dispute.

Module 23. Types of Custody Orders
  • Learn the different types of custody orders and  which best suits a parents needs.

Module 24. Common Custody Tactics
  • Learn the most used techniques to prevent parents from having a custody order that "is in the best interest of the child"

  • learn the hidden strategies used in family dispute cases to prevent parents from seeing their kids.
Module 25. Common Problems After Custody 
  • Teach the skills and techniques used to solve common problems once custody has been decided.
  • Learn how to avoid the common problems before they arrive.
Module 26. Finances and Co-Parenting
  •  Gain a Greater understanding of finances when divorced with kids.

  • Learn the best techniques and strategies for Who pays for what?
Module 27. Parental Alienation 
  • The Top 4 Warning Signs of Parental Alienation and how to Overcome Them
  • In depth look at some of the most effective ways to discover whether or not Parental Alienation exists in your custody case
  • How to overcome this very challenging phenomenon
  • Not everyone understands the phenomenon of Parental Alienation, teach how to communicate with a families inner circle so they can effectively support you and your children
Module 28. Life After Divorce
  • So your divorced what happens next? Teach parents the proven strategies on how to create a happy healthy productive life after their divorce.

Module 29. Family Reunification

  • When there has a been division between a child and parent these proven techniques have helped repair broken relationships.

Module 30. The Conscious Co-Parenting Plan

  • A easy to follow plan that truly puts the needs of the children first.

  • A step by step process that creates a solution that is easily presented in court.



Module 31. Set Up Your Co-Parenting Classes
  • A step by step process to get your classes up and running right away.

  • Everything you need to implement to co-parenting classes into your current practice.
Module  32. Simplified Record Keeping
  • All the forms and documents you need to get your business started and running properly from the beginning.

  • How to order supplies for your students and class.
Module 33. How and Where to Find Clients
  •  A guide to finding the parents you serve.
  • Social media and how it improves your visibility, credibility and bottom line.
Module 34. Registering Clients
  • A easy to follow process to register and track students and their progress.
Module 35. Class Preparation
  • Learn how to set up you class and room for optimum learning.
  • Teach students how to get prepared for the material each week.
  Module 36. How to Handle a Substitute
  • What to do if you go on vacation or need to have someone fill in for you.
  Module 37. Client Management
  • learn what to do if parents don't come after the first class
  • calling enrolled students
  • A big event  
  • On going one on one coaching
  Module 38. Speaking to Parents About Co-Parenting Education
  • Proven techniques and strategies to talk with parents and enroll them into co-parenting classes.
   Module 39. Trouble Shooting Common Problems
  •  How to handle the chronically late.
  •  How to handle The Excessive talker
  •  How to handle The drinker
  •  How to handle Disruptive children
  •  How to handle Cell Phones

   Module 40. Income and Taxes

  •  How to set up an EIN number
  •  How to charge
  •  How to collect money
  Module 41. Continuing Education
  • Now you are certified what's next?
   Module 42. Online Support
  • Where to find additional support
   Module 43. Forum and Membership Site



 Why you should enroll in the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute Certificate Program Today...


We designed the curriculum for continuous enrollment, so parents can start anytime without having to wait for the next series start. Instructors also teach parents how to immediately begin using in their families what they learn each week in class. After completion of all classes, they have not just "heard about it," but they have actually tried it in their own families.

The highly developed and carefully tested curriculum can be naturally adapted to varied populations. We give you all the administrative materials needed for your classes, including Progress and Completion Letters for court-ordered divorce parents.


Some family court judges now specify in court orders for parents that they "...must take parenting classes such as Conscious Co-Parenting Courses."

Why are they so specific? This is because judges have seen the huge benefit of these classes for both parents and children.

Many agencies are now requiring Parenting Instructor Certification as a condition of employment, due to the superior results they have had with their Parenting Instructor-certified staff.

The Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Instructor credentials, including a Certificate. are issued upon successful completion of the workbook and a written post-test with a minimum of 75% correct answers. Our credentials are recognized and highly respected nationwide.


The Conscious Co-Parenting curriculum is widely considered to be one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date co-parenting curriculum available today, covering all age groups and educational levels.


As a Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Instructor, you will be able to quickly answer questions from parents in your classes or during home visits, especially with help from the unique materials we give to instructors in this training program.


The most important aspect of this program is that it is focused on ensuring real understanding and skills and tools that can be implemented immediately, not just "book knowledge."

Instructors help parents apply the teachings in their families very quickly, with extra help from the numerous real-life examples that all come from past parents in Conscious Co-Parenting Classes. 


Parents frequently return to the classes for help as their children grow and they meet new challenges. For many, the classes become a second family. Some parents have come so often they are now certified to teach the classes in their area.


This training gives you:

One of the most comprehensive and modern programs available today
A proven curriculum that is easily adaptable for any co-parenting group
High quality support materials, books, professionally designed illustrations for handouts, optional large format classroom charts
Administrative materials for your parenting class
All administrative materials for keeping track with minimal effort
Everything you need for working with court-ordered parents (Completion Letter, Progress Letter, Certificates)
A nationally recognized Certificate that shows your Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Instructor credentials
Expert help for your advanced parenting questions – We are glad to help anytime, based on our long practical experience with many different populations
A personal web page for your classes at no charge, so today's web-surfing parents can find your classes quickly. We set up a web page for you with your class details and contact information, and we host it for free, and update it anytime at no charge



Your Teacher's Kit Includes:

  • Comprehensive Teacher's Guide with clearly detailed lesson plans and full instructions for how to be successful with different parent populations, including those with special needs, sources for referrals to you and your classes, what you need to make a good living as a private Co-Parent Coach/Instructor and much more.
  • A full ready-to-go system including all practical administrative materials such as professionally designed Registration Forms, Sign-In forms, Parent Certificates of Completion, Payment Receipts, Class Location Signs, a Ledger for recording student attendance and payments, and much more
  • Audio Program CDs you can listen to in your car while driving, or transfer to your iPod.
  • A content rich textbook that gives you an easy to reference guide to this most sought after information
  • A unique workbook that greatly speeds up learning
  • Promotional materials with Sample Class Flyers, public service announcement for radio stations, Stationery, Bulletin Board Note with contact information tear-offs, Sample Fax Cover Sheets, discounts when you order student supplies in bulk and much more.


The following are just some of our most successful instructors:

  • Marriage and family therapists
  • Social workers
  • Teachers
  • Day Care providers
  • Family Ministry Staff
  • Domestic Violence Workers
  • Personal Coaches
  • Nurses
  • Drug rehabilitation professionals
  • Human resource professionals
  • Target Parents of PA who have successfully completed the Conscious Co-Pareting classes and want to teach in their area
  • Family Lawyers
  • Divorce Coaches
  • Parenting Coordinators
  • Family Mediators
  • Legal consultants dealing with High conflict divorce with children

How can I become a Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Instructor?
  1. The training modules are available online 24/7 so you can study and learn when you have the time
  2. Some advance preparation before the training is required. This is done with very clear materials we send you prior to training.

  3. The instructor training is conducted in English, but we have had requests from attendees who will be teaching in Spanish and to serve the Spanish speaking population we will be offering a Spanish version soon.

  4. Certification to become a Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Instructor is based on passing a written exam with a minimum of 75% correct answers and satisfactory completion of the Conscious Co-Parenting workbook. The exam uses fill-in-the-blanks and multiple-choice questions, and if you miss it the first time, you are allowed to retake it at no charge. The workbook is what creates the overall breakthrough of going from "knowledge" (memorized information) to "understanding" (what something means in specific personal family situations) to "skill" (being able to actually use it at home). The workbook may be completed after the Live Training if desired.

  5. The tuition for everything including all materials, examination, and full post-graduation support  is only $1997.00.

  6. The materials you receive include:

    1. Conscious Co-Parenting Instructors Guide: This Downloaded notebook you receive immediatly contains  step-by-step lesson plans for how to best teach the Conscious Co-Parenting curriculum to different populations, materials for court-referred parents, all administrative materials necessary to make your work far easier, clear instructions for quickly handling all kinds of practical problems that can occur in parent groups, and illustrated handouts (proven to capture even the most stressed parents' attention!) that may be freely copied. There is a substantial and up-to-date section that tells you what you need to know about starting up and running private co-parenting classes and/or co-parent coaching as a business, including how to get free or very low cost venues to hold your classes, how to get no-cost referrals to your classes from different sources, and much more (if you can get 10-15 parents together, you should be able to earn $3,000-$3,500 per month in urban areas for one evening class per week, or twice that with two classes, while co-parent coaching can pay $75-$500 per one-on-one session)

    2. Conscious Co-Parenting Textbook: This gives parents knowledge and depth of understanding, and is full of very helpful real life examples that come from parents in past Conscious Co-Parenting classes (only the names have been changed)

    3. Conscious Co-Parenting Workbook: This is what creates "the united divorced families." Parents in your classes use it to quickly figure out how to use what you teach them each week in their own unique family situation (every family is different, with different problems and different personalities)

  7. Post Graduation Support: After your graduation as a Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Instructor, if you are setting up private classes or coaching, we offer you personalized phone support at no charge. You let us know what services you are offering parents (classes, coaching, etc.), where you are offering them, and how you want to be contacted.

    Having your own web page allows you to post information about your classes and/or your parent coaching so parents can find you, and you have a solid reference when you contact institutions such as schools, PTAs, social agencies, etc. We can help direct you to the right resources to set up your site so that it ranks high in the google searches.

    We also help you with flyers that make it easier for you to get free referrals.

  8. Our unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you don't think this is an outstanding program for any reason (at the end of attending the first day!), just return your materials to the instructor and receive a 100% refund.

For enrollment with a friend or colleague who wants to pay separately, just mention the other person's name in the comment field on checkout, and we will deduct $50 for each of you manually.






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